The Center for Integrative Vocal Arts

Center for Integrative Vocal Arts (CIVA) is a multi-faceted organization founded by Holly Phares, a professional musician and educator, with nearly 30 years of experience as a singer, teacher, music director, and composer. Enrolled in CIVA programs, singers, choral directors, lecturers, teachers and choirs will expand their range of vocal expression and explore ways to use singing to “give voice” to what they feel most passionate about in their world.

Holly Phares is an inspiration, a mentor, a friend, and a great teacher. She felt my feelings, encouraged me through difficult times and expanded my musicianship to levels I had not dreamed I could have reached otherwise.

Richard Kalwaic
Bass student and member of Tabernacle United Church choir
Umbrian Serenades participant
Holly instructing Occupy singing Student arm raised

Customized Programs

CIVA programs are unique and customized to the individual or group. Offerings span the range from private vocal instruction, choral clinics, “Soundings from the Heart” experiential vocal workshops, to improvisational Circle Song gatherings.

Find Your Authentic Voice

In recent years, Holly recognized that one of her many strengths was in creating safe spaces for all humans to find their own individual, authentic voice – whether it was in community settings, such as choral singing or improvisational Circle Song gatherings, or through more intensive private study or coaching. Let CIVA and Holly work with you to find your own, individual and authentic voice.

Global Transformation

When a person develops his/her voice, it provides him /her with a richer range of expressions. Holly believes these individual expansions of awareness can also lead to personal and perhaps even global transformation.